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Campus news

Keep on a- Rock’n Us, Baby

Spring 2018

Steve Miller x’65 reflects on how his time on campus, being an English major, and growing up with a famous godfather affected his music career.

Who Looks Like a Surgeon?

When UW surgeon Susan Pitt captured an homage to a New Yorker cover on her smartphone with help from some colleagues at a conference,…

New Lineup

Fall 2017

I scream, you scream for Babcock ice cream.

Inside Story Summer 2015

Summer 2015

We feel your pain.

Badger Tracks Spring 2015

Spring 2015

WAA is planning gala events around the nation to help the UW Foundation kick off its new comprehensive campaign. The next event, Wisconsin Ideas:…

Quick Takes: Spring 2015

Spring 2015

UW news in brief.

How can you not care about the past?

Spring 2015

It’s a question that Erika Janik MA’04, MA’06 has been asking since her childhood.

The Cost(s) of College

Winter 2014

Readers of On Wisconsin span the decades, so the memories of how you paid for college — and how much you paid for college — no doubt vary widely.

We’re still struggling to build a more perfect union

Fall 2014

As a nation, we are deeply polarized. And our partisan divisions will solidify with the approaching 2014 midterm elections and the horserace already under way for the 2016 presidential campaign.

Making It Count

Fall 2014

How can we reform the American voting process?

Social Potential

Fall 2014

Can spending time online translate into citizen action?

Practical Magic

Fall 2014

Fans of Harry Potter and other pop-culture touchstones transform into activists.

The Reach of Facebook

Fall 2014

A powerful social platform is engaging citizens in the political process.

Teaching Controversy

Fall 2014

How can we prepare our kids to participate in the highly polarized world of politics?

Does Democracy Work?

Fall 2014

Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried.

Constructing Community

Summer 2014

An artist shares his rare talent — and his culture.

Land of acronym acrobatics

Summer 2014

The campus has an unquenchable appetite for words made up from the initials of other words.

Quick Takes: Summer 2014

Summer 2014

UW News in Brief

Off the Prescribed Path

Summer 2014

Wherever she's gone in life, the medically underserved have always found Jenny Amani MD'09.

Waisman’s Legacy

Spring 2014

Waisman’s legacy started with a different name: Kennedy.

An Independent Woman

Spring 2014

I was a better person for having known her.

Still a Member after All These Years

Winter 2013

Is my name in a database ... ?


Winter 2013

Brown Swiss are divas.

The scene of the crime

Fall 2013

Before she became one of the country’s most powerful prosecutors, Bridget Brennan began her legal career oh and one.

Reporting on Rand

Fall 2013

A student reporter jumps at the chance to hear a published writer speak in person.

Scripts and the City

Fall 2013

Special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan ’77, JD’83 is leading New York's battle with the illegal trade in prescription drugs.

Ale’s Well

Fall 2013

The Beer Mapper helps people choose the right suds.


Summer 2013

Good news and bad news

On Top of the World

Summer 2013

With the assistance of WAA, various incarnations of Bucky have been to all seven continents and floated on every ocean.

Ask UW-Madison

Summer 2013

Our professors, scientists, and lecturers are go-to sources when reporters look for analysis of current events or need help explaining complicated issues.

George Washington had the right idea.

Spring 2013

“Every Action done in Company, ought to be with Some Sign of Respect, to those that are Present.”

Wisconsin: Where I Row

Spring 2013

I never think about my time at Wisconsin without thinking about rowing.


Spring 2013

Images from UW–Madison’s account on Instagram

Personal Peace

Spring 2013

A UW professor guides those who have been seriously harmed by others along a path to forgiveness.

World Peace

Spring 2013

A UW alumna encourages leaders to take a new approach to conflict: honoring dignity.

Out with the Old, in with the Older.

Winter 2012

Newly discovered documents shed light on the Union Theater’s history

Math, Mentoring, and Motherhood

Winter 2012

Dove soap selects math prof as role model.

A Variation on Camelot

Winter 2012

A California girl finds paradise in Madison.

Little Libraries

Winter 2012

There is something so charming about the homemade book houses that many people find them hard to resist.

Lessons from Stephen Ambrose

Fall 2012

“We’ll get along a lot better if you don’t compliment me so much.”