Digital Library

Summer 2018

Demand for digital resources at UW libraries is growing fast.

Final Words

Summer 2018

Half a century ago, 80 language lovers fanned out across the country to chat with as many people in as many places as possible …

Snow Removal

Winter 2017

When winter pummels Madison, UW grounds department crews respond.

Built on Tradition

Fall 2017

UW Archives UW.CLP-A0385.bib; Bryce Richter; photo illustration by Danielle Lawry

Long before “Jump Around” and the Fifth Quarter, the 50-acre lot on …

Class of 2020

Summer 2017

Sources: Academic Planning and Institutional Research; UW–Madison Office of the Registrar …

A Long To-Do List

Winter 2016

The UW’s current deferred maintenance costs are estimated at $1.2 billion.

Plant Family Tree

Fall 2016

Sequencing the DNA of every plant in Wisconsin is a daunting task, but a UW team recently accomplished just that. After four years, the …

Horsepower vs. Hearing

Summer 2016

Tractor image, Shutterstock; all other images, IStock; photo illustration by Nancy Rinehart

Growing up on a dairy farm in Viroqua, …

Study Abroad

Spring 2016

Badgers far and away.

The Job Equation

Winter 2015

There’s a STEM boom at the UW, with those majors accounting for 40 percent of degrees.

Seeing is Believing

Fall 2015

It’s a familiar route for any given Badger trudging from one class to another. But for prospective high school students and other campus visitors, a UW-Madison tour can have a big impact.