Witte Gets Pretty

Winter 2019

An ingenious renovation allowed occupants to remain in the residence hall.

Making Summer Term Spectacular

Fall 2019

Summer’s not what it used to be — not at UW–Madison, anyway.

Summer on campus has always been swell, boasting one-of-a-kind study spots like…

Women Lead the Way

Summer 2019

Women have served as UW chancellor for 14 of the last 31 years — and counting.

Terrace Chairs

Spring 2019

The sunburst design is sure to spark fond memories. Do you know when it was created?

Internet Underwater

Winter 2018

Why critical infrastructure is at risk

Lake Invaders

Fall 2018

How zebra and quagga mussels native to the Caspian Sea came to wreak environmental havoc in the Great Lakes and beyond.

Digital Library

Winter 2019

Demand for digital resources at UW libraries is growing fast.

Final Words

Winter 2019

Half a century ago, 80 language lovers fanned out across the country to chat with as many people in as many places as possible…

Snow Removal

Winter 2017

When winter pummels Madison, UW grounds department crews respond.

Built on Tradition

Fall 2017

UW Archives UW.CLP-A0385.bib; Bryce Richter; photo illustration by Danielle Lawry

Long before “Jump Around” and the Fifth Quarter, the 50-acre lot…

Class of 2020

Summer 2017

Sources: Academic Planning and Institutional Research; UW–Madison Office of the Registrar…

A Long To-Do List

Winter 2016

The UW’s current deferred maintenance costs are estimated at $1.2 billion.

Plant Family Tree

Fall 2016

Sequencing the DNA of every plant in Wisconsin is a daunting task, but a UW team recently accomplished just that. After four years, the…

Horsepower vs. Hearing

Summer 2016

Tractor image, Shutterstock; all other images, IStock; photo illustration by Nancy Rinehart

Growing up on a dairy farm in…

Study Abroad

Spring 2016

Badgers far and away.

The Job Equation

Winter 2015

There’s a STEM boom at the UW, with those majors accounting for 40 percent of degrees.

Seeing is Believing

Fall 2015

It’s a familiar route for any given Badger trudging from one class to another. But for prospective high school students and other campus visitors, a UW-Madison tour can have a big impact.