Badger Tracks Spring 2015

Spring 2015

WAA is planning gala events around the nation to help the UW Foundation kick off its new comprehensive campaign. The next event, Wisconsin Ideas: …

Quick Takes: Spring 2015

Spring 2015

UW news in brief.

Making It Count

Fall 2014

How can we reform the American voting process?

Social Potential

Fall 2014

Can spending time online translate into citizen action?

Practical Magic

Fall 2014

Fans of Harry Potter and other pop-culture touchstones transform into activists.

The Reach of Facebook

Fall 2014

A powerful social platform is engaging citizens in the political process.

Teaching Controversy

Fall 2014 — 1 comment

How can we prepare our kids to participate in the highly polarized world of politics?

Does Democracy Work?

Fall 2014 — 2 comments

Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried.

Quick Takes: Summer 2014

Summer 2014

UW News in Brief

Off the Prescribed Path

Summer 2014 — 2 comments · 1 reader letter

Wherever she's gone in life, the medically underserved have always found Jenny Amani MD'09.

Badger Sports Ticker: Spring 2014

Spring 2014

UW Athletic News in Brief

Scripts and the City

Fall 2013 — 2 comments · 1 reader letter

Special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan ’77, JD’83 is leading New York's battle with the illegal trade in prescription drugs.

On Top of the World

Summer 2013

With the assistance of WAA, various incarnations of Bucky have been to all seven continents and floated on every ocean.

Personal Peace

Spring 2013 — 7 comments

A UW professor guides those who have been seriously harmed by others along a path to forgiveness.

World Peace

Spring 2013 — 5 comments

A UW alumna encourages leaders to take a new approach to conflict: honoring dignity.

Out with the Old, in with the Older.

Winter 2012 — 1 comment

Newly discovered documents shed light on the Union Theater’s history

Math, Mentoring, and Motherhood

Winter 2012 — 2 comments

Dove soap selects math prof as role model.

Lord of the Flies

Spring 2012 — 3 comments

It took multiple bus rides for a young Barry Ganetzky to attend college classes each day. That same singlemindedness has nourished the UW researcher’s longtime career, pushing him to study tiny creatures and find ways to treat human disease.

Rolling with the Badgers

Spring 2012

WAA tours helped alumni and fans follow the UW to Indianapolis and Pasadena.


Fall 2010

An excerpt from Joyce Carol Oates’s Nighthawk: A Memoir of Lost Time

Summer 2009

I arrived by air, breathless with anticipation. I arrived alone. I see myself across an abyss now of four decades as a figure of uncertainty like a line drawing by Saul Steinberg.

What Is Educational Television?

Summer 2009

Pop quiz: Is the TV show Hannah Montana educational? If your answer is no, guess again.

! High Priority

Spring 2009

Update your profile in the online Alumni Directory

All-Alumni Food Drive Nets Nearly Seven Tons

Spring 2009

Badger chapters compete for charity.

Letters: Everyone Loves a Cliffhanger

Spring 2009

Re: Capitan Courageous, Winter 2008

Keep in Touch

Spring 2009

Professor studies why, for some, only fingers can do the shopping.

Quick Takes

Spring 2009

Quick Takes

Legal Aid

Spring 2009

The Consumer Law Litigation Clinic takes aim at bad business.

A More Perfect Union

Spring 2009

Bye-bye, brutalism. Hello, welcoming and green.

We’ve had a little work done

Spring 2009

Rather than wait for you to politely ask if we’ve had a little work done, we’re coming clean right upfront.