Summer 2013

Eew or Yum?

Summer 2013 — 2 comments

A pioneering UW entomologist helped start the insects-as-food movement.

A New Leader for the UW

Summer 2013

Commerce secretary named to begin chancellor post in July.

Lakeside Cinema

Summer 2013 — 1 comment · 1 reader letter

On summer nights for more than three decades, it’s been location, location, location for those who settle in to watch free movies on the Memorial Union Terrace.


Summer 2013 — 2 comments

Good news and bad news

Good Sports

Summer 2013

When it comes to community service, UW athletes are pros.

Team Player: Japheth Cato

Summer 2013

"I’ll always be hungry."

Badger Sports Ticker: Summer 2013

Summer 2013

UW Athletic News in brief

Light it up

Summer 2013

Neon at the Stock Pavillion

On Top of the World

Summer 2013

With the assistance of WAA, various incarnations of Bucky have been to all seven continents and floated on every ocean.

B.O.Y. Band

Summer 2013

Twenty-one alumni chapters honor local Badgers of the Year.

Badger Tracks

Summer 2013

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Quick Takes: Summer 2013

Summer 2013

UW news in brief

Signature Signatures

Summer 2013 — 3 comments

Their genesis unknown, the names of geography students mark the decades.

Classic Car Enthusiast

Summer 2013

Engineering professor explores the mysteries of chariots.

SWAMP People

Summer 2013

The Software Assurance Marketplace aims to make computers more secure

Jeff DeGraff PhD’85: Dean of Innovation

Summer 2013 — 2 comments

"If you want to become better and new, the positive tension that comes from diversity, people holding divergent views, is essential to making innovation happen."

Student Watch: Summer 2013

Summer 2013 — 1 reader letter

Tips and tricks for the dinner table during a job search

A Promising Sight

Summer 2013

Family's cells lead researchers closer to curing eye disease

By the Numbers

Summer 2013

Bloom boom.

Looking Sharp

Summer 2013

Prize-winning microscopy.

The Gray-Hair Pink-Slip Blues

Summer 2013

Job loss packs a punch for older workers.

Marshall Brickman ’62: The Jersey Score “Dueling Banjos” to Jersey Boys

Summer 2013

“My theory of life — and career choices — then and now is to hang out with people that I don’t mind having lunch with.”

Half a Century on the Road

Summer 2013

WAA Travel celebrates fifty years

Bucky Goes to Malawi

Summer 2013

Buckingham U. Badger: Peace Corps Volunteer

Ode to Hopscotch

Summer 2013

. . . revisiting happy days at the UW.

Rowing Protocol

Summer 2013

“Hello, Liz Waters!”

Sharing the Dignity Model

Summer 2013

Starting "Great Conversations"

Forgiveness Reverberates

Summer 2013 — 1 comment

Personal peace and forgiveness strike a chord.

Ask UW-Madison

Summer 2013

Our professors, scientists, and lecturers are go-to sources when reporters look for analysis of current events or need help explaining complicated issues.

We’ve Got Mail!

Summer 2013 — 9 comments

Travel back with us now into the shadows of ancient history, to the year A.D. 1993.

The Stuff of Memories

Summer 2013 — 1 comment

To call Patrick McBride MD’80 a collector of sports memorabilia doesn’t quite cut it.

Music 660: The Legendary Performers

Summer 2013 — 1 reader letter

Today’s successful artists are influenced by the greats of past eras.

Bookshelf: Summer 2013

Summer 2013 — 2 comments

Highlighted books from the Summer 2013 issue

The Planet Hunter

Summer 2013 — 4 comments

Maggie Turnbull ’98 has become an authority on the search for signs of extraterrestrial life — and she's done it on her own terms.

The ABCs of MOOCs

Summer 2013 — 4 comments · 1 reader letter

As the university prepares to offer its first massive online open courses, we take a look at this new phenomenon and its implications for UW-Madison.

Time Travel

Summer 2013 — 1 comment

An aerial view provides a peek into what the UW looked like seventy-five years ago and contrasts it with today's perspective.

The Accidental Actor

Summer 2013 — 3 comments

The theater world has embraced the talents of Carrie Coon MFA ’06, taking her all the way to the Broadway stage.

Ask the Experts

Summer 2013 — 3 comments · 2 reader letters

On Wisconsin dispatches a bevy of reporters to track down UW experts and ask for advice on everyday stuff.

Brick by Brick

Summer 2013 — 6 comments

Ryan Ziegelbauer MS ’06 calls upon his degree in urban and regional planning to create masterpieces in a familiar medium: Lego bricks.