Fall 2011

Tracking The Ties That Bind

Fall 2011 — 6 comments

Fred Gardaphé ’76 knew that if he didn’t get out of the Mafia-dominated neighborhood where he grew up, he could wind up dead. UW–Madison provided a way out.

Rennie’s: Then and Now

Fall 2011 — 9 comments · 2 reader letters

The store and its name evoke memories both strong and sweet.

Badger Sports Ticker: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

UW Athletic News in brief

Team Player: Alex Rigsby

Fall 2011 — 2 comments

It’s never easy replacing a legend, but that’s exactly what UW sophomore Alex Rigsby x’14 is trying to do.

Bat Man

Fall 2011 — 2 comments

David Kretschmann is working to make baseball bats break safely.

Of Polyester Pants and Friendship

Fall 2011 — 6 comments

When I first came to the university in 1978, I had never lived away from home or in a big city. Everything was new to me.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Fall 2011

Newest additions to campus.

Jon Levine

Fall 2011 — 4 comments · 1 reader letter

Work flows from “the best of reasons,” says new director of primate research center.


Fall 2011

Technique used by astronomers could help assess skin cancer.

Buried Treasure

Fall 2011

Worth a thousand words.

Student Watch: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

The college years can be a stressful time of life. Then add the weak economy and the uncertain job market, and you get a recipe for student mental-health issues.

Leadership Transition

Fall 2011

David Ward named UW–Madison’s interim chancellor after Biddy Martin moves on.

Tuition on the Rise

Fall 2011 — 1 comment · 1 reader letter

With state funding falling, regents raise tuition 5.5 percent.

UW Band at 125: Uniformly the Best

Fall 2011

On Wisconsin takes a look back at what band members wore while bringing joy to Badger fans and audiences everywhere.

Quick Takes: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

UW News in Brief

Letters: Best Issue Ever?

Fall 2011

Re: Summer 2011

Letters: Flashback Seems Like Yesterday

Fall 2011

Re: "Tears and Gas," Summer 2011

Letters: Rooting for the Stars

Fall 2011

Re: "Oh, My Stars," Summer 2011

Letters: Moved to Tears

Fall 2011

Re: “Seeing Potential,” Summer 2011

Letters: A Hemingway Heroine

Fall 2011

Re: "The Eye of the Storm," Summer 2011

A doctorate from the University of Sarah Vaughan . . .

Fall 2011 — 1 comment

Richard Davis likes to reminisce about his life and career in music.

Pulling Together for Great People

Fall 2011 — 2 comments

A couple’s family endowment helps to grow scholarships for students in need.

Flashback: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

When you enroll at the UW, you’d better be prepared to learn a lot — and to develop your upper body strength.

Books and Beyond

Fall 2011 — 1 comment

LIS 640: Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Bookshelf: Fall 2011

Fall 2011 — 1 comment

Highlighted books from the Fall 2011 issue

Running Low

Fall 2011

Suzy Favor Hamilton ’91 helps promote healthy bodies and healthy minds through UW–Madison’s Precollege OPTIONS program, Movin’ Minds.

Helping the UW Gain More Flexibility

Fall 2011 — 1 comment

Since WAA’s founding in 1861, advocacy has been core to its mission.

Bright Lights in the Badger City

Fall 2011

Red Tie Gala to celebrate alumni, increase scholarships.

Celebrating Mad Grads Everywhere

Fall 2011

WAA unveils two gifts at campus birthday party.

Florin Steps into Top Spot

Fall 2011 — 5 comments

Although Dave Florin ’92 is entering his eighth year of service with WAA’s national board of directors, his involvement began long before that.

Bruce Kania ’75: Floating a Sustainable Idea

Fall 2011 — 3 comments

No man is an island. However, one man’s name is becoming synonymous with them.

Ronald Silverman ’69: Dentist to a Dictator

Fall 2011 — 1 comment

Ron Silverman ’69 stared into the jaws of death five years ago when he found himself fitting a crown molding for the mouth of Saddam Hussein.

Six Degrees of [Curing] Bacon

Fall 2011 — 4 comments · 1 reader letter

This new program teaches the art and science of working with meat.

Prison Breaks

Fall 2011 — 13 comments

His life was a downward spiral until JD Stier ’04 and a persistent teacher saw a way out.


Fall 2011 — 4 comments · 1 reader letter

Does genomics hold the secrets for the future of medicine? Eric Green believes it does — and that Bill Gahl is showing the way.

Life Lessons

Fall 2011 — 6 comments · 1 reader letter

When Richard Davis teaches, his words are like the notes he plays, flowing effortlessly from topic to topic, as he explains music and so much more.