Final Four

Summer 2014 — 1 comment

NCAA men’s basketball tournament semifinal, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, April 5, 2014


Spring 2014 — 1 comment

Bascom Hill, January 8, 2014, 10 a.m. – 11° Fahrenheit Photo by Jeff Miller and Bryce Richter …

Mortarboard Billboard

Winter 2013

Class of '13


Fall 2013

Students make s’mores at Dejope residence hall, September 10, 2012. Photo by Bryce Richter …

Light it up

Summer 2013

Neon at the Stock Pavillion


Spring 2013 — 2 comments

Images from UW–Madison’s account on Instagram

Party at Helen’s Place

Winter 2012

Helen C. House Party

UW Arboretum

Fall 2012 — 1 comment

Longenecker Gardens

Digital Diorama

Summer 2012

UW–Madison in 24 hours

On Point

Spring 2012 — 1 comment

Picnic Point, that is.

Flaps Down –
Don’t Want to Hear It

Winter 2011

Welcome to the Big Ten ...

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Fall 2011

Newest additions to campus.

War Dance

Summer 2011

Dance company interprets campus history.

California Dreamin’

Spring 2011 — 1 comment · 1 reader letter

The Badger faithful made the Pacific Coast look like a red sea on December 30

What a Feeling!

Winter 2010 — 2 comments

Fans took to the field in celebration after Wisconsin defeated No. 1 Ohio State.


Fall 2010

International students down on the farm for the first time.

Book Return

Summer 2010 — 2 comments · 1 reader letter

The Wisconsin Historical Society has renovated its reading room.

Snow Foolin’

Spring 2010

Snowboarders fly at the Hoofers Rail Jam.

Big Man on Campus

Winter 2009

Author Michael Pollan addresses a crowd at the Kohl Center.

Night Lights

Fall 2009

Fireworks explode over Lake Mendota.


Summer 2009

Students perform the musical Hair.

Four Chairs, No Waiting

Spring 2009

An ice sculpture graces Lake Mendota.