One Time at Band Camp …

Summer 2015

Canoeing the bass clef ...

India ink

Spring 2015 — 1 reader letter

India’s Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru ended his 1949 U.S. tour with a UW visit.

And Now We Play Short-Handed

Winter 2014

The UW athletics community loses a teammate.


Fall 2014

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) may be the newest trend in higher education, but at the UW, the practice of using mass-media technologies to connect the public with university instruction dates back more than eighty years.

Out of Sync

Summer 2014

On March 7, 2014, the lights went out for the last time at UW–Madison’s Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC).

Creativity Is a Joke

Spring 2014

Sometimes, funny things make a big difference.

Many Moos

Winter 2013

It's all in the family for the UW dairy herd

Kletsch’s Klunkers

Fall 2013

Good luck, Coach Andersen

We’ve Got Mail!

Summer 2013 — 9 comments

Travel back with us now into the shadows of ancient history, to the year A.D. 1993.

Jump Around

Spring 2013 — 3 comments · 1 reader letter

Take a hop, skip, and jump back in time . . .

Badger DNA

Winter 2012 — 2 comments · 1 reader letter

Before Bucky, there was a raccoon.

Farewell to the Head

Fall 2012 — 1 comment

Badger Nation has lost its head.

All Wet

Summer 2012

In May 1969, [the Mifflin Street Block Party] began as a street dance and ended as a three-day riot

Torrid Madison

Spring 2012

. . . very little about Madison’s winter has been appropriate this year.

Flashback Winter 2011: Fiddlers on the Run

Winter 2011 — 1 comment

... they are known for playing oldies. Really, really old oldies.

Flashback: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

When you enroll at the UW, you’d better be prepared to learn a lot — and to develop your upper body strength.

Tears and Gas

Summer 2011 — 3 comments · 1 reader letter

. . . the teargas has been absent.

Foul Weather, Fair Ball

Spring 2011 — 1 comment

Wisconsin does not, perhaps, have the most felicitous climate for outdoor sports.


Winter 2010 — 4 comments

What's that campus that looks so much like the UW? It's the fictitious Grand Lakes University, which 25 years ago hosted non-grad Thornton Melon (aka Rodney Dangerfield).

Bye Bye, Bernie

Fall 2010 — 1 comment

Happy trails, Bernie. Thanks for keeping our UW memories alive.

Seeing Is Believing?

Summer 2010 — 1 comment

Did the Zoological Museum's taxidermists take on the Easter Bunny?

Badger Beauty

Spring 2010 — 6 comments

What happened to the “Campus Mascot for the Seventies”?

Floating in Furs

Winter 2009 — 2 comments

The residents of Ann Emery Hall create a nautical display for Homecoming 1931.

All Hail John Muir!

Fall 2009

One of the UW's first great non-graduating alumni, John Muir x1863 got busted (in bronze) on campus in 1918.

Hey, Dummy

Summer 2009 — 1 comment · 1 reader letter

What did ventriloquy, dances, and electioneering have in common? Dormsylvania!

Pat Answers

Spring 2009

St. Patrick's Day in Madison used to mean just one thing: the annual battle between engineering students and those at the Law School. It was shysters vs. plumbers, and everyone took a side.