Liking Lichen

Spring 2015

The Wisconsin State Herbarium has added 60,000 samples to its collection.


Winter 2013 — 5 comments

The Young Coleoptera Collection brings the UW bunches of beetles.

The Stuff of Memories

Summer 2013 — 1 comment

To call Patrick McBride MD’80 a collector of sports memorabilia doesn’t quite cut it.

Hanky Panky

Winter 2012

You may think it’s funny, when your nose is runny, but it’s snot.

All Dolled Up

Spring 2012

Forget about celebrity websites. Only paper likenesses would do back in the day.

The Art-Lovers Lane

Summer 2011

The Chazen receives $30 million worth of modern art.

Moving Mountains

Spring 2011

An exhibit shows that sparse information once led to cartographic creativity.

1.1 Million and Growing

Summer 2010

The Wisconsin State Herbarium traces its roots to the founding of the university

Designing Woman

Fall 2009 — 1 comment

An online exhibit highlights the costumes created in Edith Head’s head.