Introduction to Private Pilot

Summer 2015

Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics 601

Design Studies 501: Global Artisans and Pragmatic Design

Spring 2015

The cultures of multiple homelands were stitched together in a School of Human Ecology class during fall semester.

English 175

Winter 2014

Frankenstein, Robocop, Google: Human Memory/Digital Memory

Anthropology 370

Fall 2014

Despite daily deluges, twelve students in this anthropology course spent most of June sifting and winnowing dirt.

International Studies 322 and 622

Summer 2014 — 1 comment

An innovative UW program is aiming to bring Madison and Washington closer together, one semester at a time.

Nuclear Engineering 234

Spring 2014 — 1 comment

Nuclear Engineering 234

History 201

Winter 2013

Combating misconceptions about ancient Rome.

HIV: Sex, Society, and Science

Fall 2013

This is a class about HIV, but it’s also about critical thinking, about using the scientific method to conceptualize a complex problem . . .

Music 660: The Legendary Performers

Summer 2013 — 1 reader letter

Today’s successful artists are influenced by the greats of past eras.

Complicated Compounds

Spring 2013

The cruelest course on campus may not live up to its legend.

Being Neighborly

Winter 2012 — 1 comment

Students discover there’s much to savor in south Madison.

School of Hard Rocks

Fall 2012

A geology course first offered seventy years ago is still challenging students.

Tasty Teaching

Summer 2012

A popular option for first-year students brings classes down to size.

Get Real

Winter 2011

RE 306: Real Estate Process

Books and Beyond

Fall 2011 — 1 comment

LIS 640: Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Been There, Done That

Summer 2011 — 3 comments

Journalism 666: Professional Responsibility in Mass Communication.

Students learn to print with limestone, oil, and ink

Spring 2011

Art 316: Lithography

Family Matters

Winter 2010

Philosophy 104: Childhood, Marriage, and Family

Dissolving Borders

Fall 2010 — 1 comment

Dairy Science 375: Evaluation of Dairy Agroecosystems in Wisconsin and Mexico

A Semester at the Museum

Summer 2010

Zoology 400: Introduction to Museum Studies

Manga Mania

Spring 2010 — 1 comment

East Asian 376: Manga

Lights, Camera, Music!

Winter 2009

Communication Arts 613: Film Score: Theory and History

Catalog of Horrors

Fall 2009

Comparative Literature 203: Scary Monsters

Big Business

Summer 2009

History 247: The History of American Business

Word Games

Spring 2009

LCA Language 307: First Semester Hmong